Adebayor, Adebayor…he’s a man who knows how to score

Adebayor, Adebayor…he’s a man who knows how to score.
Score, score Adebayor!

There. I’ve just made my first footie chant. Can’t you hear it reverberating round the stands at Emirates? Well, you can expect to hear many Adebayor chants this year if he has more performances like he did against Debry this weekend. 3 goals for Ady in a 5-nil Gunners spanking of Derby, who are looking woefully out of place in the Prem. A 6-0 lose against Liverpool a few weeks ago. Even Spurs managed to score 4 against hapless Derby. What happened to Newcastle this week losing to Derby is beyond me.

But back to the game and a few more observations.

  • Eduardo De Silva. This was the first glimpse I’ve had at the new talent and he impressed. I’m sure once he settles into the English game he’ll make a major contribution up front for the Gunners. Not that they are needing much help in the scoring department these days.
  • Cesc Fabregas. He is so good it is scary. So young and able to completely dominate the game. This is his year. Last year was the coming of age of Christiano Ronaldo. Looks for this year to be all Fabregas. And as he gets older and more mature, he gets stronger and more confident. He is becoming a goal scoring machine in addition to being a pinpoint passer and a player who has such incredible vision on the field. He seems to know where everyone is at any given moment.
  • Theo Walcott. I often forget how young Theo is, but the game against Derby was a reminder that he is still a kid that needs a bit of maturation before cracking the Arsenal line-up. If there was a player who looked out of sorts against Derby it was Theo Walcott. He often rushed his plays and was physically not up to the task, getting bounced and pushed around more often than Michael Owen has injuries. He did show a flash of his future, but he still is a fewyears away from a fully rounded player. A good mentor will help him develop, although I’m not sure who can fill that role in Arsenal now that TH is gone.

So far, Arsenal are looking strong and it’s hard to believe this was a team that a few short weeks ago many pundits were picking to fall out of the top 4. Can’t help but think that Arsenal are going to be strong challengers for the title this year and that, of the big 4 teams, Chelsea are the ones in danger of falling out of the top 4.