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Canada loses 2011 Women’s World Cup

Damn, 2 articles with the word “loses” in the title relating to soccer in this country. A bit depressing. Anyhoo, this post is about the 2011 Women’s World Cup, which will be held in Germany, not Canada. New chair for the Canadian Soccer Association Dominic Maestracci, mentioned 5 things that helped the German bid, including the fact that Germany sent a whack of high level politicians to the final announcement. The best our government could do was a video hello from a mid level cabinet minister.

Maestracci also pointed out that the scuffle between Chile and the Toronto PD at the U-20 World Cup didn’t help our cause. Sad to think that that incident will be the moment many in the international soccer community associate with a Canada hosting an international event.

But really you have to think that the real reason FIFA passed over Canada (beside the fact that we were up against Germany) is that FIFA sees the mess that Canadian soccer is right now. And I’m not talking about on the field, where we have never been stronger. But rather in the CSA, where infighting, bickering and a revolving door of executives and lawyers has made for a grossly unhealthy organization. Why would they want to pick Canada when the senior organization responsible for the game in this country is in such disarray?

U-20 World Cup loses $2 million

Despite the fact that it broke attendance records, the CBC is reporting that this years U20 World Cup lost almost $2 million dollars, which seems astounding to me.

Unexpected costs, such as the reinstallation of new turf at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, extra security (especially in Toronto) and other unexpected upgrades (such as television lighting) were the main causes for the losses.

I’m sure the delegation from Chile appreciated the extra security.

The positives are that the U20 World Cup has left a legacy here in Canada.

the tournament contributed about $114 million to the GDP and generated an estimated $259.02 million in economic activity throughout the four host provinces. As well, 1,700 jobs were created for the tournament.

And 1,156,187 fans did attend, making it the most popular U20 World Cup in the history of the event.

Beckham in Vancouver November 7th

Becks and the rest of the Galaxy were supposed to play in Vancouver against the Whitecaps on October 3rd, but that was postponed due to Beckham’s injury at the time. The game has now been rescheduled for November 7th. The game will happen at 7pm at BC Place stadium. Tickets start at $25 and go as high as $125. For a game that really means nothing. Is this any indication as to what we can expect to pay for MLS games should the Whitecaps become a franchise?

Coming soon – the Canadian Cup?

Interesting news from Canada’s 3 biggest pro soccer clubs – Toronto FC, Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps. The 3 teams have formed a strategic alliance to develop the sport of soccer in Canada.

Take that, CSA!

Gerry Dobson at Sportsnet is already starting to push the idea of a Canadian Cup competition involving the 3 teams, and you can bet the USL gang in Montreal and Vancouver would be chomping at the bit to knock of the MLS big boys at TFC. Mind you, the way TFC is playing, that wouldn’t be much of a challenge right now. Think FA Cup, but with 3 teams instead of 300.

However you slice it, it’s great to see the three clubs recognize the sports appeal is on the rise in Canada and are in a position to do something to continue growing it. Also, the 3 teams working together in an as yet undetermined role to develop players is going to make a real difference to the quality of the Canadian game.

I’m also interested to see how (or if) a move like this will influence the MLS when it comes time to expansion. Certainly, Vancouver and Montreal are both serious contenders for the next round of expansion. A deal like this can only strengthen their case when it comes time to make the pitch to the league.

Breast is Best says Theo Walcott

Not what you think, folks. Arsenal’s future star Theo Walcott is lending his name to a new campaign to promote more enlightened attitudes to breastfeeding. Pretty remarkable stuff for an 18 year old. Let’s face it, most 18 year old guys don’t exactly discuss their true purpose when discussing breasts, so it’s real refreshing that someone like Theo has decided to take this on. True, it isn’t going to be easy, but Walcott knows this.

“I know I’ll get the mickey taken out of me, but that’s always happening anyway. What can I say? It’s the right thing to do. It’s about healthy eating, getting healthy bones, right from the start of life, and men need to support their wives in that. That’s what I’ll be doing with my kids.”

One things for certain, my wife, who cares nothing about soccer, has now just become the hugest Theo Walcott fan.