De Guzman chooses Netherlands

Sportsnet and the CBC are reporting that Jonathon deGuzman has choosen to play internationally for the Netherlands instead of Canada.

According to the CBC article:

He hasn’t informed the Canadian Soccer Association or national men’s head coach Dale Mitchell of his decision.

He emailed the CBC before he informed the CSA or Dale Mitchell. Now that’s class.

I’ve been bitter about Owen Hargreaves for years. This one’ll last as well.

Here’s hoping we meet the Dutch in South Africa. And he didn’t make the cut.

3 thoughts on “De Guzman chooses Netherlands

  1. I’m with you Mr. Fool! I’ll have a hearty laugh if his career ends with fourteen caps and one World Cup squad inclusion for which he spent all time on the bench.

  2. I’d have done the same thing. If I was playing under the Dutch system since I was 12, why wouldn’t I play for them?
    Plus why not go to the country with the better shot at winning?

    It would have been nice to see him on Canada, but he owes us nothing.

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