On Mexico, Steve Nash and the CSA

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Great. Just when I spew on Dale Mitchell, up Canada pops with a 2-2 draw with Mexico and, from all accounts I have read so far, a pretty decent outing (between my night job and my day job, I have yet to watch the tilt.) A decent outing without Atiba Hutchinson, Dwayne DeRosario, Julian De Guzman and Rob Friend.

But in the end, as Gerry Dobson points out, it’s all too little too late. Dobson also adds some sanity to the whole sack the CSA debate currently going on around the interwebs, fueled lately by a series of (very good) articles by Ben Knight (and I really hope Steve Nash does read today’s installment. Steve, wanna be our sugar daddy?). As Dobson states:

Sacking the CSA is not a viable option. If you know anything about the sport, then you know that FIFA would simply suspend Canada if there is any outside interference. To think otherwise is na├»ve. We’ve seen FIFA’s act before. The CSA is not blameless for this debacle. Yet neither are the players nor the coaching staff. It was a collective failure.

I don’t know anything about the sport and the governance at the international level, but this makes sense to me. So does the path that Dobson points to as the way to truly reforming the CSA.

What we need is for soccer fans across the country to hound and badger their district and provincial officials into backing the national program. It’s the provinces who make up the association after all. But too many of them don’t give a hoot about the World Cup. They have personal, regional and provincial agendas.

Meanwhile, the CSA themselves is planning for the future, releasing their 2009-2013 strategic plan (which you can download via Inside Soccer). It’s a brief document, but one that is quite an interesting read. But I’ve got some thoughts on the report that are worthy of a post all on it’s own.

But for now, I’ve got to go watch Radz and the boys – ummm, after work, of course.

3 thoughts on “On Mexico, Steve Nash and the CSA

  1. I would really like to know the CSA structure. How do the Directors become Directors? Who appoints or hires them? How do the provincial bodies fit into it? Where might one find out this information?


  2. Good question, and one I don’t know the exact answer to. From what I have been able to cobble together from the CSA website (which is really poor for finding info),the regional association websites, the Voyageurs and other sources, it is all based on regional representation. You can become a member of the organization at the provncial level, elect provincial directors who then in turn choose national directors. That is my best guess from my research. But so far I have yet to find a definitive document outlining the structure and all the bits and pieces.

    The best info I have seen on how to get involved at a grassroots level is from the regional websites. The BC Soccer Association has info on membership http://www.bcsoccer.net/bcsa/HOME/BecomingaMember/tabid/126/Default.aspx This will give you a start at how things work at the grassroots with the CSA.

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